DRIVES Project: New training courses available

The DRIVES Learning Platform offers free training courses that can be used by individuals or companies to upskill or reskill their employees. The offer includes different types of courses, from self-learning courses, self-learning moderated courses and courses with training interaction. 

The platform offers courses in general knowledge on the automotive sector but also specific training on areas such as production, maintenance and engineering R&D. 

As part of the courses with trainer interaction, the Automotive SPICE Compact Course is now available. The course is based on a “Learning by doing” principle and about 50% of the course is based on a case study, the use of an assessment tool, and deriving the right conclusions for improvements. This practical live experience with discussions helps attendees to learn how to practically implement improvements in your organisation and includes an assessment tool. Learning to apply the norm will be based on a case study and examples.   

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