DRIVES Project: High-level conference on the main trends for skills development in the EU’s automotive sector

About this Event


The automotive industry is a strategic sector and has long been key to the creation of jobs across Europe. Today, the sector is experiencing a profound transition, driven by the shift to zero emission cars, automated and connected driving and new mobility patterns. The changes have an impact also on the workforce and are leading to significant skills gaps is the sector. Workers will need to acquire new and more advanced technical and soft skills.


The European Commission is launching the conference in the context of The Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills in Automotive Sector and its running initiatives, COSME Towards a common vision on addressing SMEs skills needs in the automotive sector: strengthening the development of upskilling and reskilling strategies and ERASMUS+ Skills Alliance The Development and Research on Innovative Vocational Educational Skills (DRIVES) project .


The conference will be an opportunity to discuss the ongoing challenges for skills in the sector, reflect on the future and hear experiences about solutions and best practices for updating skills. The event will bring together policymakers at national and supranational levels, experts in the field, training providers, automotive industry value-chain, such as OEMs, large enterprises and SMEs.


Source: European Commission



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