DRIVES: Project DRIVES and Project ALBATTS at the 18th European Week of the Regions and the Cities

In the frame of the 18th European Week of the Regions and the Cities, Project DRIVES and Project ALBATTS organised the workshop Regions & skills in the automotive industry on October 13th.

The two EU projects are CLEPA’s active partners and have recently presented a joint strategy to roll out a dedicated Pact for the sector, calling out for a strategy  prioritising the up/reskilling of the workforce. This workshop focused on the roll-out of DRIVES and ALBATTS and went through the results of both projects, ensuring that they meet current and future industry demand. It was an opportunity to hold a debate between the project team and regional representatives on future educational needs in the automotive and battery industries.

The session included a debate on initiatives currently conducted by regional stakeholders (the Stuttgart region and the municipality of Skellefteå) to identify trends in innovation aiming to support the introduction of low-carbon economies, the energy transition, intelligent transport systems, and automated and connected vehicles.

DRIVES project thanked all the workshop moderators James COPPING (EC – DG GROW) and Anja SUKNAIC (EC- DG GROW) and speakers Ida LINDH (Municipality of Skellefteå, SE), Anders NORBERG (Municipality of Skellefteå, SE), Anni SILTANEN  (Kemianteollisuus, FI), Anna SPECHTENHAUSER (Stuttgart Region European Office, DE) and Jakub STOLFA (VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, CZ) for their availability to participate and for their inputs during the workshop.

The event recorded 85 registrations to participate in the workshop and had an audience of 47 people.

Source: DRIVES


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