Project DRIVES: EU Automotive Apprenticeship Marketplace summary report

Project DRIVES (Development and Research on Innovative Vocational Education Skillswill soon release the outcome assessment on the European Automotive Apprenticeship Marketplace (read Summary Report here).


The Report is a ‘think piece’ to help shape thinking and policy development and underpin practical action and intervention within the automotive apprenticeship marketplace.


While the growing wave of new technologies and trends is about to redefine mobility, there are also impacts on the rate of skills change. The skill requirement changes will impact at all skill levels which will need to be flexible enough to respond to these changes.


Overall, changes also imply it is difficult for providers to keep abreast of changing skill requirements as much future skill requirements are difficult for employers to predict, namely to SMEs.


These and other challenges are issues addressed by the report and will also be a subject for discussions to be held during the High-Level Conference ‘Skills and transformation on the EU’s automotive sector’ on 27th May 2020, Brussels.


Source: Project DRIVES


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