Digital Transport Days Declaration

A range of public and private partners from all transport sectors met in Tallinn to discuss the digitalisation of transport from 8-10/11/2017 and concluded:

  1. That we must dare to dream and turn those dreams into reality. European leadership in digitalisation – at all levels, from all stakeholders, individually and collectively – must transform our transport system in all its aspects, making it more efficient, safe, inclusive, sustainable and multimodal in the ultimate interest of all users.
  2. Digitalisation can and must enable the safe automation and the seamless integration of all transport modes and increasing the capacity and quality of the different transport modes. The technology is becoming available now and we must use it.
  3. Data access, sharing and re-use in the mobility, transport and logistics sectors, including between public and private partners is essential – and this will not happen without trust.
  4. To deliver such interoperable solutions, we need to get the governance right and find global solutions.
  5. Common data models and interfaces facilitate paperless data sharing and thereby reduce administrative burdens, increase efficiency and safety, and help create new mobility services.
  6. Higher levels of data protection and privacy such as provided by the General Data Protection Regulation offer the opportunity to gain consumer trust in a digitalised transport world.
  7. Transport must adapt to evolving challenges such as cyber-attacks which threaten lives and businesses, by inter alia raising awareness and by collaborating and exchanging information.
  8. For digitalisation to work, we must always remember that it’s still about people. Creative and concrete new measures will be needed to ensure a socially sustainable transition to digitalised and automated transport. Investing in skills and in life-long learning is also an investment in digitalisation.
  9. It is crucial to allocate sufficient EU budget, using it strategically to boost investment and specifically to support the development and the deployment of EU-wide transport digital initiatives.
  10. Increased cooperation of all stakeholders, old and new, is essential. Public private partnerships and shared vision are key for the successful digitalisation of any future mobility system and the development of a single digital transport area.


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