Cross-cutting business models for the Internet of Things

On the 14th of February 2018, the European Commission published a study on Cross-cutting business models for the Internet of Things.


The study Cross-cutting Business Models for the Internet of Things focuses on identifying promising areas for cross-cutting Internet of Things (IoT) activities and their corresponding business models. Market- and technology-related success factors and barriers, as well as the social impact of IoT, are analysed. Based on the findings of the study, policy recommendations that will support the European Commission in fostering the growth of IoT in Europe have been made. Policy-makers should focus on the advantages and possibilities that are provided by the Digital Single Market and should, firstly, pay attention to changing requirements in terms of skills and employability. Secondly, attention should be paid to a more strategic allocation of government funding and to barrier-removing initiatives such as pilots, alliances and educational programmes. Thirdly, risks related to infrastructure need to be mitigated by developing strategic public–private partnerships. Finally, using regulatory compliance as an important driver should result in the creation of flexible rules and regulations that can easily and efficiently be modified based on the rapidly changing IoT environment.


Source: European Commission


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