Council approves the Revision of the General Safety Regulation

On 8 November, the Council of the EU formally adopted the revision of the General Safety Regulation. The regulation will make obligatory a list of safety measures for various vehicle classes over the coming years, such as tyre-pressure monitoring systems, advanced emergency braking, lane-keeping systems, and intelligent speed adaptation. According to the impact assessment accompanying the proposed legislation, over 16 years, the revised GSR is expected to reduce the number of road casualties by 24,794, avoid 140,740 serious injuries, and provide an overall net benefit for society of €15.4 bn, considering lives saved and additional costs.


The adopted text can be found here.


Next steps

As the European Parliament also adopted the GSR last month, the text is now awaiting its signature by the presidents of the Parliament and Council, following which the regulation will be published in the Official Journal and enter into force. This is expected to happen before the end of the month, meaning that the new safety measures added by the GSR will become mandatory from May 2022.



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