Council agrees to reform type-approval and market surveillance system

The Council agreed on a general approach to reform the system of type-approval and market surveillance for motor vehicles. This major reform will modernise the current system, adapt it to new technologies available on the market and improve control tests on car emissions data.


“Public health, air quality and innovation are at the core of this agreement. The only way to restore and increase trust in the European automobile industry is to help to develop clean and safety technologies. Reliable control tests for cars will be established so that emission irregularities that happened in the past cannot reappear in the future”, said Chris Cardona, Chair of the Council and Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business of Malta.


The aim of the reform is to achieve a high level of safety and environmental performance of motor vehicles and to address the main shortcomings identified in the existing type-approval system. The Council general approach will have to be negotiated with the European Parliament before becoming law. The Parliament voted its position on 4 April.


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