Connectivity and data for innovation at centre of the ITS Congress in Toulouse

CLEPA participated in the 14th ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Congress organised by ERTICO from 30 May to 1 June in Toulouse, France. The event brought together all the relevant sustainable and smart mobility stakeholders, including CLEPA, as well as vehicle manufacturers, the European Commission, ITS industry and senior city officials. The focus was on four key areas: connected & automated mobility, urban mobility, clean & eco-mobility, and transport & logistics. The extensive technical programme provided an opportunity for experts from the ITS community to present ongoing projects, to share their vision of the future for the four focus areas and to discuss obstacles. The exhibition area included live outdoor demonstrations of automated and connected vehicles and intelligent transportation systems.

During the Congress, a strong importance was given to the role of connectivity and data for innovation. These topics have been clearly recognised as important enablers for cooperative, connected, automated driving (CCAM). Many sessions focused on highly automated vehicles working with equipped digital infrastructure. The perception and localisation solutions required by automated driving and advanced driver support systems were discussed, including the potential support of Artificial Intelligence. Many papers and presentations on this topic also focused on collecting and using data from a wide range of sensors and devices. Accuracy and reliability of data and harmonisation of data standards were also part of the discussion. Cybersecurity issues received a lot of attention as well, particularly regarding resilience against attacks and the need for secure protocols for connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). Other topics addressed highlighted the value of ITS solutions to increase safety and to better protect vulnerable road users (VRUs).

With regards to R&I, CLEPA is collaborating with the other stakeholders of the mobility system via active participation in the relevant Partnerships (e.g., CCAM and 2Zero) and Technology Platforms (e.g., ERTRAC, EPoSS) as well as in the recently awarded coordination and support action for the EU funded Project FAME. From the Technical Regulations perspective, CLEPA is closely following the revision of the EU ITS Directive, which will be updated to allocate the new developments in connected and automated mobility.


For further information, please contact Edoardo Mascalchi.


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