Commission to publish new Euro7 proposal on vehicle emissions next week 

The publication of the European Commission’s proposal for Euro 7 regulation concerning the next stage of vehicle pollutant emissions is expected 9 November. CLEPA supports a sensible further development of this regulation, based on scientific evidence for its real-world impact on air quality, encouraging innovative technologies while balancing costs and benefits.

The challenge for the regulators is to strike a balance between limit values, test conditions, environmental benefits and emerging costs. There is a risk that Euro7 negatively impacts the commercial viability of some vehicles by adding costs, slowing down the normal replacement of older vehicles and therefore reducing the benefits to the environment. 

The Euro7 proposal is expected to incorporate a few aspects to the Euro 6 regulation, both for light-duty and for heavy-duty vehicles. The Commission’s proposal reduces the limit values, contemplates new pollutants—including brake and tyre wear particles – and makes complementary measures stricter, such as real-drive measurements, in-service-conformity, on-board (real time) measurement, durability, normal and extended driving conditions and instrument accuracy factors. The specific technical parameters for vehicle testing are still unknown but will play an important role in setting the overall severity of the new regulation. CLEPA emphasises the need for specific testing conditions that would impede “excessive, unrealistic or biased” driving behaviours, especially during the “cold-start” phase. 

Another important aspect is the date of application of the new obligations, that has not yet been disclosed. The Euro7 proposal was initially expected in late 2021: This long delay may erode the lead-time given to industry to develop  new technology and this should be considered by  regulators.  

Once published, the Euro7 proposal will go to Parliament and Council to complete the co-decision legislation. 


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