Commission publishes report on trade talks with Japan

The Commission published – as part of  its commitment to a more transparent trade policy – a  report summarising the progress made during the latest round of EU-Japan tradetalks which took place in April in Tokyo. The report offers summary of the progress made in all areas of the negotiations, namely:

1) Trade in goods (including Market Access, and General Rules);

2) Non-Tariff Measures;

3) Rules of Origin;

4) Trade in Services;

5) Procurement;

6) Intellectual Property (including Geographical Indications);

7) Other issues (Institutions and Regulatory Cooperation).

Work progressed in a constructive atmosphere, with both sides working with a renewed sense of urgency in order to respect the objective set by the leaders to conclude talks as soon as possible. The recent Commission proposals made in the course of the negotiations can be found on the dedicated transparency page. More information on the EU-Japan talks is available on the website of DG Trade.


Source: European Commission – Daily News



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