No majority for stricter CO2 targets in the ENVI Committee – CLEPA Secretary General, Sigrid de Vries, comments on the vote regarding CO2 standards for cars and vans

Brussels, 11 May – The European Parliament’s Committee of Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) has today in essence confirmed the Commission’s proposal on CO2 standards for new passenger cars and light-duty commercial vehicles. In a surprising turn of events, the committee rejected both possible compromise amendments, a set of stricter targets proposed by the rapporteur and a target of 90% in 2035 supported by the centre-right EPP and ECR groups.

Ms Sigrid de Vries, Secretary General of CLEPA, the association of the automotive supply industry in Europe, says:

“Today’s vote does not suggest that there is a majority for stricter targets than those proposed by the European Commission, which already risk half a million auto supplier jobs in the powertrain domain by 2040. A 100% target measured at the tailpipe is a de facto ban on the internal combustion engine, discarding years of European innovation in a technology that can be climate-neutral and is needed for a manageable and efficient transition.”

Members of the ENVI Committee adopted a request to the Commission to develop a methodology for measuring life-cycle emissions of vehicles but voted against a proposal to recognise emission reduction via renewable fuels, which had been approved by the TRAN Committee. Ms de Vries states:

“Recognition of renewable fuels for compliance with the CO2 targets would be a first step on the way to a holistic approach for measuring the emissions of vehicles, as called for by the committee. A fully developed, concrete proposal is on the table. It is the solution to achieve a high-level of ambition without the negative side effects on employment, choice, and affordable mobility.”

Proposals voted today are expected to be tabled again in the Plenary. The final vote on the CO2 standards proposal in the Plenary is planned to take place in June.

For further information on the vote, contact CLEPA’s Head of Governmental Affairs Benjamin Krieger.


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