CLEPA welcomes new Chief Technology Officer


On October 3 2016, Alessandro Coda joined us at CLEPA, taking up the new role of Chief Technology Officer. Bringing almost three decades of experience in automotive research and engineering expertise, he will be overseeing all technical operations at CLEPA, including both the Research and Innovation and Technical Regulations Departments.


Alessandro Coda graduated with full marks in Electronic Engineering at the Turin Polytechnic in May 1987, followed by various positions at the FIAT Research Centre, in Italy, and at FIAT Auto where he worked as General Manager for Methodologies, Intellectual Properties and Regulations (2004-2005) and for Innovation Projects (2001-2003).


Before joining CLEPA, he served, since 2006, as Research Coordinator and temporarily as Acting Director at EUCAR (European Council for Automotive R&D) in Brussels, where he coordinated the research and innovation activities of the European vehicle manufacturers.



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