CLEPA to contribute to the new EU Project FAME on connected and automated mobility

 The FAME project on connected and automated driving, funded by the European Commission held its kick-off meeting on 1-2 September in Brussels. The 23 consortium partners from 12 Member States gathered with representatives from the European Commission to align and exchange on the ambitious tasks of the project which are meant to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, lessons learned and best practices and accelerate the harmonised development and deployment of CCAM (Connected, Collaborative Automated Mobility) in Europe.

The project, which is building on the legacy of previous EU-funded support actions including the VRA, CARTRE and ARCADE projects, aims at directly supporting the work of the CCAM Partnership and the European Commission for the identification of gaps and future needs for R&I in CCAM. This cooperation across stakeholders builds upon the Declaration of Amsterdam and the High Level Meetings on CAD.

CLEPA, as leader also of the Vehicles Technologies cluster within the CCAM Partnership, will contribute primarily to the activities to strengthen the interactions within the extensive CCAM network while working to extend this engagement towards the broader European and international CCAM stakeholder community.

Specifically the activities include liaising with coordinators of European, internationally and nationally funded R&I projects, developing and maintaining a network of experts in the different thematic fields of R&I on CCAM, facilitating the exchange of experiences and best practices, and fostering the exchange with partners from other regions around the world on common R&I challenges while engaging with experts, policy makers and other stakeholders with respect to legal and regulatory frameworks for open-road testing and deployment of CCAM.

CLEPA will take a leading role in the international cooperation activities, identifying the best ways to include new actors in the international dialogue on common R&I challenges in CCAM from countries around the world outside of the existing EU-US-Japan Trilateral framework.

CLEPA will be also involved in the organisation of the European Conference on Connected & Automated Driving (EUCAD) conferences in 2023 and 2025, as well as other symposia and stakeholder workshops, in concertation with the CCAM Partnership. In particular, CLEPA will be responsible for organising international workshops and EUCAD 2023 and 2025 exhibitions.


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