New task force established on Automated Vehicles

CLEPA assumed the role of Secretariat in the newly established Task Force on Automated Vehicles “TF AutoVeh” of WP.29, specifically dedicated to the development of a global vision and set of principles for safety assessment and certification of highly automated vehicle functions. This will be a completely new assessment regime to provide the reassurance about highly automated vehicle safety performances under real-life traffic conditions; the Task-Force will, therefore, include among its membership the widest possible constituency of UN member States and associated/ affiliated bodies.


This follows the recent developments of the UN World Forum for Vehicle Regulations (WP.29), that last week in its 175th meeting adopted a new structure to give the highest priority to activities on automated, autonomous and connected driving and recognizing the need to timely address the fast pace of technological developments in that field.


This transformation created a GRVA “Groupe Rapporteur pour Véhicules Autonomes” and the reallocation of certain tasks such as tyres and coupling devices to other existing GRs.


With a view to achieving a workload distribution amongst the GRs in a balance- and topic-wise meaningful manner, the new structure will ensure policy coordination and cooperation amongst relevant bodies on automated and autonomous vehicles at the level of WP.29 itself, this will imply to adapt the terms of reference of WP.29 and the different GR working groups and reviewing the functioning of the new organization one year after its implementation.


The new structure is outlined in the first option of document WP.29-175-25 and a detailed list of re-allocated activities is provided in its Annex 1.


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