CLEPA REACH Task-Force Minutes: September 14


On September 14  2016, the REACH Task-force met at CLEPA offices in Brussels to discuss a number of priorities for automotive suppliers and to agree actions and tasks for the task-force and its members.


Among the agenda items were the following:

  • Presentation of 2018 Registration Deadline activities of Aerospace Industry by Rolls Royce
  • Presentation on CLH proposal on cobalt metal – socioeconomic effect on the auto-motive industry by The Cobalt Development Institute
  • Follow-up of General Activities such as:
    • Substance Pilot Reporting Format
    • AIG on REACH V4.0:
    • REFIT evaluation of REACH
    • Evaluation of flame retardants used in vehicles
  • Manufacturing Issues:
    • SDS Quality – Release of common paper with ASD & Orgalime
    • Report out from informal TF on Process chemicals on all REACH related issues
    • Publication of SDS Guidance
    • Publication of the updated SPERC Factsheets
  • PACT, Registration & Evaluation
    • Latest update of PACT List
  • General SVHC’s / Candidate List / Notification/ Authorisation (Annex XIV) issues
    • Update on actions of other sectors
    • Approval of draft position & PEG Document
    • Process for the approval of Notification Fact Sheets
  • General Restriction issues
    • REACH Annex XVII relevance evaluation process
  • Substance related discussions
    • Restriction: ROI on Phthalates
    • Restriction: Chain Perflourinated Chemicals (PFAS, PFAC, PFOS, PFOA)
    • Authorisation: Chromium trioxide


The next meeting of the Task-force is scheduled for November 30 2016.



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