CLEPA participates in the ITS World Congress in Singapore

The ITS World Congress took place in Singapore from the 21st to the 25th of October. On its 26th edition, the event gathered over 300 exhibitors, 20 technical tours and demos and more than 10,000 participants.


The Congress brought together the latest global technologies. With the theme “Smart Mobility, Empowering Cities”, this year’s event addressed industry topics such as automated vehicles, multi-modal transport of people and goods, cyber security and data privacy.


Alessandro Coda, from CLEPA participated in the Congress on the 23rd of October, presenting the new report “Specifications for Multi-Brand Truck Platooning”. This document introduces the ENSEMBLE project and gives an overview of the whole process of drafting the specifications and requirements for the multi brand Platooning functionality:


It is the ambition of ENSEMBLE to realise pre-standards for interoperability between trucks, platoons and logistics solution providers, to speed up actual market pick-up of (sub)system development and implementation and to enable harmonisation of legal frameworks in the member states. This paper provides with definition of the specifications of the whole multi-brand truck platooning concept to be implemented within the testing and demonstration trucks of the 6 OEMs.



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