CLEPA participation in the Committee of the Regions Automotive Intergroup’s event

The event “The looming talent challenge – how can automotive regions take the lead?” was organised by the Committee of the Regions Automotive Intergroup on the 27th of June, in order to discuss the future of automotive industry.


Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, Minister for Economy, Tourism, Europe, Science and Research from the Austrian region Steiermark, opened the meeting.  followed by the interventions of two keynote speakers: Markus Tomaschitz Vice President, Corporate Human Resources of AVL, and Sigrid de Vries, CLEPA Secretary General.


Sigrid de Vries said:

“The objectives are clear: zero emissions, zero fatalities on the road, connected and automated mobility. Now it’s all about how to get the job done, and face realities on the ground. The challenges with regard to reskilling and structural change are major.”





The CoRAI Automotive Intergroup is an interregional group of members and alternate members of the European Committee of the Regions providing opportunities to discuss, exchange views and increase expertise on the “Future of the Automotive Industry” in order to promote cooperation between local and regional authorities.


CoRAI  is a platform for informal discussion bringing together members from different parties, committees and member states being interested in future developments of the automotive sector. It was set up and is working successfully since 2009.




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