CLEPA participation at the 2nd Conference on connected and automated driving- EUCAD

The EUCAD 2019 ConferenceConnected Automated Driving: Europe takes the lead” taking place in Brussels on 2 & 3 April 2019 will count with the participation of CLEPA.


During the first day opening panel, Jan Carlson, CEO of Veoneer, will exchange views on how Europe could become a world leader in bringing connected and automated mobility to the roads and, the role of his company on this, discussing the different CAD systems and technologies and the benefits that the technology can have for consumers.


During the afternoon, on the breakout session 1: “Perception systems”, Alessandro Coda, CLEPA Chief Technology Officer will offer his views about which systems are required in various driving situations & environmental conditions to offer an adequate model of the environment surrounding the CAD. The session will provide an outlook on the current and future challenges for perception systems embedded in and / or communicating with connected and automated vehicles. Fast and reliable perception and Artificial Intelligence are key technical enablers for CAD and great progress has been made in sensing and processing capabilities. Some situations, like highly dynamic environments in cities or adverse weather and light conditions, are however still challenging for perception systems. New systems combinations like embedded perception extended with further information provided to the automated vehicles via connectivity services are emerging to address some of these challenges. The session will also explore how external information can be used in in-vehicle perception tasks and associated challenges.


The projects ENSEMBLE and ARCADE are also participating at the conference exhibition.




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