CLEPA participates in the fifth SERNAUTO gathering ‘Innovating for new mobility’

SERNAUTO, the Spanish association of automotive suppliers, this week hosted the fifth edition of its gathering ‘Innovating for new mobility’ in Madrid.

The event gathered many representatives from the Spanish industry combining panels with presentations and analysis on the future of automotive supply from a national perspective.



Sigrid de Vries, CLEPA Secretary General contributed to this overview, from the European level, participating in a conversation with the Director General of SERNAUTO, José Portilla. During this section, they highlighted some of the milestones that are currently on the agenda of the European Union, including emissions, access to data, trade barriers and Brexit.


SERNAUTO and CLEPA have actively been working together on the position of the industry when it comes to these matters, and they addressed the audience on the next big steps on regulation and competitiveness’ trends.



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