CLEPA participates in the EWFA Annual Membership Meeting in Munich

EWFA, the European Window Film Association held its third Annual Membership Meeting on the 23rd of January in Munich. During this one-day event, EWFA members attended presentations from peer organisations such as ETO (European Tuning Organisation), CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers), GEWA (General Wrapping Association) or E1 Energiemanagement.

Frank Schlehuber, Senior Consultant Market Affairs at CLEPA presented the automotive suppliers views on the future of mobility. In his presentation he briefed the audience on the current transformation trends that the automotive suppliers industry is experiencing: Decarbonisation, automated driving and connectivity. Subsequent discussions focused on the topic of decarbonisation features for the automotive industry. This is very relevant on EWFA’s agenda, considering window films’ position in the automotive aftermarket as highly energy-efficient solutions.

Indeed, window films usually reject about 99% of UV rays, therefore considerably decreasing the need for air conditioning inside vehicles, which represent a large amount of the energy used (whether for fuel or battery vehicles). Window films also help reducing glare and excessive light coming inside the vehicle, which can be dangerous or uncomfortable for drivers.


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