CLEPA participates at first exchange of views with the European Commission about European Emission Standards for Light and Heavy Duty Vehicles

On October 24, the European Commission organized a stakeholder event on the future of emission standards for the automotive industry. CLEPA welcomed the opportunity to contribute to evidence gathering and regulatory development on future EU emission standards. It also presented views, experience and position of automotive suppliers as vital stakeholders in the European automotive industry. Looking forward, we believe that a fact-based assessment of the current status and future potential is essential, taking into account environmental, social and economic priorities.


The event brought together scientific evidence from the Joint Research Center of the European Commission (JRC) and academia, as well as gathered the opinions of different stakeholders on the future of emission standards for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles. Discussed topics included lessons learned from developing the latest emission standards and the way forward, scientific evidence on emissions gathered by the JRC, and evidence on emissions collected by the scientific community.


CLEPA participated in the event by presenting experience and opinions of its members as vital stakeholders in the European automotive industry. Specifically, CLEPA presented a position on a potential Post EURO 6/VI regulation framework for Light & Heavy duty vehicles. We believe that potential environmental benefits should be robustly assessed to determine the extent to which further regulatory measures are necessary. Sufficient lead-time before mandatory application of parameters, methodology and requirements is necessary to allow industry investments. New emission limits should consider the effects of CO2 targets and be oriented towards achieving EU air quality targets. In doing so, technology and fuel neutrality must be a key principle.



More information about the meeting can be found on the event’s webpage.



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