CLEPA launches REMAN Policy Working Group

At the beginning of the year, CLEPA successfully launched its REMAN Policy Working Group in order to raise awareness and gain support from policymakers on a European and international political level by promoting Remanufacturing. The first meeting of the WG took place on the 18th of January 2016.


The main vision of the group is for Remanufactured parts to be recognised globally as the first choice when it comes to choosing a replacement part. In order to pursue this vision, the group will work towards the alignment of global stakeholders so as to actively support the development of a common standard for REMAN and cooperate with the other CLEPA departments and European Commission DG Trade to bring REMAN into TTIP, FTAs and NTBs negotiations.


The group also seeks to follow the developments of the Circular Economy initiatives proposed by the European Commission and in particular DG Environment as well as the unfolding of international treaties such as the United Nations Basel Convention in order to strategically position the automotive industry’s views on remanufacturing.



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