CLEPA carried out the first “Supply Industry Pulse Check” analysis

CLEPA, in collaboration with McKinsey, carried out the first “Supply Industry Pulse Check”, in order to get interesting insights into the current situation and the outlook for the industry.  The exercise, that will be carried out twice a year, will provide regular insights into current performance levels, trends, and overall industry sentiment.


The transformation of the automotive industry is in progress and is challenging OEMs as well as suppliers. CLEPA agreed on the need to have a solid base of up to date insights and information about the status of our supply industry, especially in times of rapid change. Some of the covered aspects included market expectations, taking into account uncertainties such as Brexit or trade issues, business development, new technology trends like electrification, integrated mobility, connectivity and autonomous driving among others.



Thanks to a high level of participation, the result of the first survey provide an inside view on the current status of the automotive supply industry, that is still facing challenges from current market developments and the need to invest into new technologies. The second pulse check will be carried out in early 2019, with the aim either to confirm trends or to provide new insights on trends and challenges.


The results of the survey are available for CLEPA-members only, in case of questions you can contact us here.



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