CLEPA Board of Directors reaffirms priorities

On Wednesday, September 28th, the CLEPA Board of Directors met in Paris ahead of the Mondial de l’Automobile 2016 and agreed the political agenda of the European automotive suppliers for the months to come.


CLEPA members reaffirmed their commitment to the following priorities: CO2 Emissions Post 2020, Real Driving Emissions, Access to Data and Connected and Automated Driving. With these in mind, automotive suppliers will also support the transition to low-emission mobility and work to realise the potential of connectivity and automation in road transport.


Mr Roberto Vavassori, CLEPA President, said: “The unprecedented evolution of mobility, both in terms of consumer demand and legislation, calls our industry to decisive and productive action. Automotive suppliers will deliver in full coherence with the objectives of the EU and the growing expectations of its citizens for cleaner, safer and connected mobility. Existing and developing technological solutions allow for the quantum leap that will provide a new European mobility model.”


Hence, CLEPA members welcome the Commission’s recent and ongoing actions in the area of connected and automated driving. In the meantime, European suppliers are developing breakthrough innovations that will enable vehicles to communicate with each other and the world around them, bringing additional benefits such as improved road safety, reduced emissions and less traffic congestion.


“European automotive suppliers are key players when it comes to furthering Europe’s industrial competitiveness through technological leadership and substantial investment in research and innovation. Within the right regulatory framework, CLEPA members will continue to drive growth and employment in Europe”, stressed Ms Amalia Di Stefano, CLEPA Acting CEO.


CLEPA members also discussed the upcoming business summit – JAMA-CLEPA 2016 – set to take place on 27-28 October 2016 in Venice, Italy, and organised in cooperation with the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) and the Italian National Association of Automotive Industries Sector (ANFIA).


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