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This week, we welcomed more than 250 representatives from the automotive industry and other relevant stakeholders to the seventh edition of the CLEPA Aftermarket Conference, in Brussels. This event is the annual gathering between the executives and policymakers in this sector.

“Future” was this year’s overarching theme, with topics such as “Future Mobility User”, “Technological Drivers of Future Mobility Systems” and “Future Mobility Services”. Attendees were also presented with key industry insights into the “Future Challenges in the Chinese Aftermarket”.

Mr Karamitsos, Deputy Director General of DG MOVE, kicked off the event with his keynote speech on the Commission’s regulatory framework for future mobility. He explained that the framework’s aim will be to promote efficient, safe, secure and environmentally friendly mobility and create the conditions for a competitive industry generating jobs and growth. These are all elements CLEPA also stands for, and we are committed to playing a key role in delivering the technology needed to achieve future mobility.


When the CLEPA Aftermarket Conference first began, it was the first conference in Europe to offer a platform for the European Automotive industry to share its views on market trends and technological developments.  It is a platform for policymakers and automotive industry stakeholders and specialists to meet and learn from each other the future challenges of the automotive industry and the importance of the Aftermarket.


Over the years, the CLEPA Aftermarket Conference has been increasingly acknowledged as a pioneering event, with participation going from strength to strength each year. This year, we are pleased to announce that we received more than 250 high-level participants, with representatives of Europe’s Automotive Industry, the EU Institutions and Member States, and the press.


The Conference day was divided into two sessions, one in the morning and another this afternoon. The morning session focused on Future Mobility: the user, technological drivers and services. The afternoon session was dedicated to the future challenges in the Chinese Aftermarket. The conference gave attendees a deeper insight into future trends for mobility and its consequences for the Automotive Aftermarket, as well as some useful hints on how to successfully develop your Aftermarket business in China.


At the conference we heard from the following speakers:


How Future Mobility will change our World;


  • Tim Armstrong, Vice-President Forecast Planning at IHS Automotive, spoke about ‘Mobility for tomorrow- Electrified and Connected’.


The Future Mobility User


  • Chris Gardner, Senior Director, Market Research and Intelligence, Shanghai VW Automotive Co. Ltd. at Volkswagen Group, presented ‘The Future of Mobility – a car manufacturer’s perspective’.


  • Bernd Lichtenberg, Vice President, Connected Cloud Services at Automotive Aftermarket Robert Bosch, discussed ‘The future mobility user in a connected Aftermarket’.


Technological Drivers of Future Mobility Systems;


  • Thomas Pfund, Vice President of E-Mobility at Schaeffler, presented ‘Mobility for tomorrow – Electrified and Connected’.


  • Jan-Maarten de Vries, Vice President, Product Management and Marketing Automotive at TomTom, spoke about ‘From Navigation to Automated Driving’


  • Laurent Colpier, Vice President Brand and Strategy Management, Renault Trucks Brand and Product Line at Renault Trucks, discussed ‘How Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) will affect future goods transport?’


Future Mobility Service


  • Fotios Katsardis, President & CEO of Temot, entertained our audience with his presentation on ‘How future mobility will change the aftermarket distribution landscape’


  • Wolfgang Reinhold, Senior Vice President Car Remarketing, Operations & Procurement at LeasePlan, informed us of ‘How future mobility will affect the fleet business’


The Dragon is awake – Future Challenges in the Chinese Aftermarket


  • David Marchand, Principal Consultant, Automotive and Transportation at Frost & Sullivan, discussed ‘Mega trends influencing the Chinese Aftermarket – today and tomorrow (2020)’.


  • François Renard, Counsel and Head of Greater China Practice at Allen Overy, presented ‘Barriers in the Aftermarket: Is fair competition still possible?’


  • Finally, Lionel Vautrin, Head of Sales IAM, Region Asia/Pacific at Hella and Steve Ganster, China Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance (CAAPA), discussed ‘Challenges in the automotive parts distribution – is a new approach needed?’


The conference was then brought to a close by the outgoing Aftermarket Director, Wolfgang Meyer, who thanked everyone for attending and CLEPA for his time with our association.


For the Aftermarket Conference press release, please click here.


Below are some pictures from the event, more will be available in the coming days.




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