Building a European Data Economy

On the 10th of January, the European Commission published a Communication on “Building a data economy”. It is aimed at paving the way for new legislative actions in order to achieve the Digital Single Market.

For the European Commission, big data is an essential resource for economic growth and job creation. It estimates the value of the EU data economy up to €272 billion in 2015 (1,9% of the GDP), which could be the double by 2020.

The European Commission intends to push for new legislative actions and is now starting a dialogue with Member States as well as other relevant stakeholders. In this phase, it will especially focus on data related issues in a real-life cross-border situation, building on several ongoing connected cars projects.

The main objective of the European Commission is to address current barriers to the exploitation of data, such as unjustified restrictions and legal uncertainties.

Therefore, the European Commission will focus on 4 main challenges: the free flow of data, access to data and transfer of data, legal responsibility for data based products, and data portability, interoperability and standards.


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