Battery 2030+: inventing the batteries of the future

With funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, the Battery 2030+ project will mobilise European researchers and industry over the next twelve months. Building on the ‘Battery Manifesto’ published in December 2018, they will prepare a long-term research roadmap towards the development of new battery technologies with ultra-high performance (both in power and in their capacity to store energy), and which are safe, easily re-chargeable, re-usable and recyclable, and have the lowest environmental impact possible.

The initiative will focus on new scientific approaches that make use of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, sensors, and computing in order to advance knowledge in electro-chemistry and to explore new battery chemistries. It will aim to meet the needs of the mobility and energy storage sectors, as well as other application areas. By focusing on radically new ideas and long-term approaches, it will complement ongoing research efforts on upcoming generations of batteries that are currently driven by the industry’s short to medium term needs.

Battery 2030+ has launched a manifesto, which is a call to launch an ambitious LARGE-SCALE European programme for long-term research on ultra high performance batteries, enabling Europe’s leadership in highly demanding markets fulfilling end user expectations.

CLEPA, together with more than 16 organisations, is one of the supporters

Learn more on the project website.


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