Automated driving: Bosch now conducting tests on roads in Japan

Stuttgart, Germany and Yokohama, Japan – Bosch is taking the development of automated driving one step further. As well as in Germany and the U.S., the supplier of technology and services is now testing the technology of the future in Japan. Bosch’s initial goal is the development of the highway pilot, which will allow cars to drive autonomously on freeways and freeway-like roads starting in 2020.



1-CC-21841“Because people there drive on the left, and because of the complex traffic conditions, Japan provides us with valuable insights for development,” says Dr. Dirk Hoheisel, a member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH. Worldwide, nearly 2,500 Bosch engineers are working to develop driver assistance systems and automated driving further. Like the engineers in Germany and the U.S., the team in Japan is already conducting tests with automated test vehicles on public roads.


The test drives are being conducted on Tohoku expressway (Tochigi prefecture) and the Ken-O expressway; officially known as the Metropolitan Inter-City expressway (Kanagawa prefecture), as well as on the two Bosch proving grounds in Shiobara and Memanbetsu.


For more information, read the full press release from Bosch.



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