The Automotive Skills Alliance and European Battery Alliance Academy join forces to foster the upskilling of the automotive workforce

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Automotive Skills Alliance (ASA) and European Battery Alliance Academy (EBAA) was signed on 21 November in Brussels. The new partnership aims to create a single pan-European framework to enable the upskilling and reskilling of the automotive workforce across the mobility sector and battery value chain. 

The MoC was signed by the ASA president, Jakub Stolfa and Oana Penu on behalf of the EBAA. The partnership formalisation took place at the end of a policy event organised at the Czech Permanent Representation and dedicated to the green and digital transition in the automotive regions. CLEPA’s Secretary General Benjamin Krieger joined the event as a panel speaker and founding partner of the ASA. 

It is expected that the battery supply chain alone will require 4 million jobs by 2025 as the electric vehicle transition continues to accelerate, with 800K workers needed to have access to additional training to meet demand. A collaborative and coordinated approach is necessary to ensure Europe takes a leading role in driving the transition as the sector dramatically increases in scale. 

The collaboration will provide an independent platform to facilitate contacts between industry, education providers, regions, policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders to speed up the green and digital transformation. 

The ASA is a large-scale partnership founded under the European Pact for Skills. It connects partners from the automotive industry, including CLEPA, social partners and educational institutions within the automotive-mobility ecosystem. 

The European Battery Alliance (EBAA) is a platform aimed at deploying training courses based on the skills and needs of the sector in collaboration with training professionals in every country within the European Economic Area. EBAA was launched in October 2017, and EIT InnoEnergy drives it. 


Source and pic: Automotive Skills Alliance 


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