AIC FORUM 2016 – Innovation in the automotive industry



Earlier this month, the Automotive Intelligence Center (AIC), with the collaboration of the European Commission, ACEA and CLEPA, organised the AIC FORUM 2016 in Brussels. This year’s theme was “Innovation in the automotive industry”.


The forum analysed the latest innovation trends in the automotive sector with the participation of representatives from the automotive sector and relevant political stakeholders. The conference highlighted the crucial role the automotive sector plays in the European economy, representing 6.3% of GDP, supplying more than 12 million direct and indirect jobs and investing more than 4 billion in R&D.


CLEPA CEO Paul Schockmel participated at the forum and discussed “disruptive trends in the automotive supply industry”. Panelists at the event highlighted that the industry still faces challenges when taking into account new trends that are shaping the potential of the automotive sector: electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving, innovative manufacturing and new supplies.


Among the speakers were:

  • Agnes Anitua, General director of AIC
  • Gwenole Cozigou of the European Commission
  • Erik Jonnaert of the European employers automotive (ACEA)
  • Abyomi Otubushin BMW
  • Ulrich Eberle of Common Motors
  • Simon Edwards


For more information about the forum, please click here.



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