ACEA Event: Reducing CO2 from Road Transport Together

On February 16th 2016, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) held an event in Brussels entitled: ‘Reducing CO2 from Road Transport Together’, gathering a variety of relevant stakeholders to discuss measures to meet CO2 emissions targets in the road transport sector.


As well as the heavy-duty vehicles themselves, vehicle components, trailers, alternative fuels, transport logistics and infrastructure all play a decisive role in bringing down CO2 emissions from road transport as part of an ‘integrated approach’.


Building upon the results of an independent study launched last year by Transport & Mobility Leuven (TML), ACEA has been working in partnership with 15 relevant stakeholders to examine the full potential of such an integrated approach. The event served as an opportunity to report back on the outcomes of this process, as well as to identify the best common solutions for meeting Europe’s climate change ambitions.


Speaking at the event ACEA Commercial Vehicle Board Chairman, Martin Lundstedt, who is CEO of Volvo Group, said, “We believe that the integrated approach is the right way forward – and the only way to reduce the CO2 emissions of the transport industry in Europe on a large scale.”


Discussions at the event also highlighted the need to look at the entire vehicle fleet rather than simply new vehicles, advocating a more holistic strategy. Panellists were also in agreement that a common rather than scattered approach was needed, more dialogue between all stakeholders is essential, action must be visible, technology led and competitively driven.


Other topics discussed at the event included the following; Green and Smart Mobility, automated driving and driverless transport, biofuels, cross-border interoperability, platooning and CO2 pricing.


Closing the event, Martin Lundstedt and Harold Peters, President, UPS West Europe discussed how the road transport industry suppliers can support operators and take their needs into account.


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