170 scientists call on European Commission to take technology-neutral approach to avoid failing climate goals

A group of 170 scientists from universities and research institutes across Europe have called on the European Commission to promote a technology-neutral, transparent, and competitiveness-oriented approach to transport climate regulation.

The scientists ask to design the further development of legal regulations for climate protection in the transport sector in a way that is technology-neutral and primarily based on the criteria of sustainability and the real, physical reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

The petitioners seek to foster a dialogue with the European Commission to reach the best possible solution in providing a sustainable legal framework within the Green Deal.

In particular, requests to the Commission include the use of sustainable fuels to quickly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to apply strict sustainability criteria throughout all policies that take into account ecological, social and health impacts across the entire global value chain while being technology-neutral.

Last May, a group of 223 associations companies and scientist including CLEPA, also addressed a letter to the European Commission, specifically advocating for including a voluntary crediting system for sustainable renewable fuels into the vehicle CO2 regulations.


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