Research & Innovation


The R&I WG’s purpose is to understand the particular challenges facing the automotive supply industry in achieving integration of future innovative components, systems and functionalities, in order to improve the recognition and reward for the automotive suppliers’ contribution to the vehicle manufacturers’ products. It also undertakes the full range of preparatory work for collaborative R&I projects at the European level that support this objective.


Camille Feyder

CLEPA Permanents

Alessandro Coda
Chief Technical Officer
Tel. +32 2 740 28 42


Stimulate member participation in EU collaborative research projects, by:

Influencing the program content

Being a platform for collaboration

Enabling project proposal writing

Lobbying the EC partners

Represent CLEPA in European Technology Platforms (ETP) such as ERTRAC, iMobility Forum, etc.

Enhance the suppliers’ influence in EU R&I by means of road maps, strategy and position papers

Provide access to finance

Funding for collaborative research and innovation

Loans from the European Investment Bank


Roadmap Development for Horizon 2020

Budget for transport research

Rules for participation (funding rates)

Scoping Meetings for Project Proposals

European Green Vehicle Initiative

Technology Platforms such as ERTRAC and iMobility

European Investment Bank: funding opportunities for Members

R&I WG Task Forces

CLEPA established task forces under the CLEPA R&I WG in order to develop roadmaps as an input to the definition of calls for proposal in the EU’s framework programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020. The Task Forces of key experts from CLEPA members aim to define research and innovation roadmaps from the supplier’s perspective.


Strengthen the R&I WG activities

Facilitate a communication network with key stakeholder and experts

Preparing position papers and roadmaps for the R&I WG

Multi-annual implementation plan for relevant technologies

Set yearly priorities

Serve as input for the H2020 programme


Decarbonisation of road transport

Advanced lightweight materials and design


Intelligent transport systems

Manufacturing and Global Competitiveness