Legal Advisory Group


The Legal Advisory Group (LAG) is a service provider and contact partner for the CLEPA Board of Directors and the CLEPA membership as a whole, for legal questions relating to the automotive supply industry.

The LAG offers its members the opportunity for an intensive exchange of experience. Within its scope, the LAG considers: existing and future laws and administration regulations and legal matters, in regard to their respective national legal systems.


Michael Georgi

CLEPA Permanent

Eleri Wessman
Director Trade and Legal Affairs
Phone: +32 2 743 91 23
Fax: +32 2 734 47 44


Discuss existing and future legal projects of the EU Institutions

Advise CLEPA Management Board

Facilitate exchange of experience between suppliers, with particular reference to national legal systems

Maintain contact with national automotive associations

Achieve legally-balanced Terms and Conditions


Continuous communication of EU competition compliance

Common EU sales law

ISO TS 26262 Regulation

CARS21 Vertical agreement

Repair Maintenance Information (RMI)

Conflict Minerals

UK Anti-Bribery Act

German Anti-Bribery Legislation

US Foreign Corrupt Practises Act (FCPA)

Guidance on main Joint Development Agreements

IMDS Terms of Use

Legal obligation to verify safety aspects