Global Governmental Affairs


The GGA Group has a coordinating and liaising role with relevant EU legislation concerning the automotive industry. It provides background information, in-depth analysis and contacts within the EU institutions.

It is in charge of:

  • Relations with EU institutions and officials;
  • Advocacy:
    • Providing expertise and advice;
    • Communicating effectively the needs and interests of European automotive suppliers;
  • Relations with third countries and international industry organisations.

CLEPA Permanent

Pierre Thibaudat
Phone: +32 743 91 39


Providing lobbying strategy and government response

Providing expertise on EU legislation and how it affects CLEPA members

Formulating CLEPA opinions with regard to EU policies

Establishing good and close contacts with EU institutions

Establishing good and close contacts with foreign automotive associations (MEMA, JAPIA)

Monitoring the situation in foreign countries (CLEPA China Council)


Emissions: Real Driving Emissions and CO2 Emission Limits for 2020 and beyond

European Commission's High Level Group on Automotive Industry GEAR 2030

EU Industry Dialogue on Automated and Connected Driving

Review of the Air Quality Package


CLEPA project participation, e.g. European Automotive Skills Council