CLEPA China Council (CCCO)

Established in 2015, the objectives of the CCCO are:

To establish contacts with Chinese ministries, associations and companies

To gather information on relevant Chinese policies and legislations

To support CLEPA members

To develop a competitive framework with a long-term strategy for the automotive industry (legislation, technical regulations, trade, aftermarket)

Authorities and stakeholders in China

Chinese ministries

EU-China Chamber of Commerce

CAAM (China Automotive Manufacturers’ Association)

CATARC (Chinese Automotive Technical and Research Center)

Chinese Academy of Science

Related Chinese think-tanks & Academies

R&D Centers

CADA (Chinese Aftermarket Dealer Association)

APCTA (Automotive Parts Circulating Trade Association)

Chinese agencies, standardization bodies, consumer organizations

Areas of interest for the CCCO:

Governmental Affairs

CLEPA representation towards Chinese
institutional bodies
Set up and maintain network with:

– Chinese officials from ministries, agencies, standardisation bodies, technical centers etc.
– Other stakeholders such as OEMs, other industry sectors, consumers’ organisations, EU Delegation, EUCCC etc.
– Obtain advanced information on new Chinese draft legislation concerning area of interest
– Clarify the implementation processes of specific legislation and policies affecting the automotive industry


Restrictions on Foreign Direct Investment
Privately-owned Chinese companies and State-owned Enterprises
Protection of IP rights
Banking obstacles
Re-importation of used / remanufactured auto parts


CLEPA Aftermarket WG members are concerned about the development of the Independent Aftermarket in China
– Current anti-monopoly laws are not being enforced. Specific regulations for the automotive aftermarket, protecting the independent aftermarket, do not exist
– A new regulatory framework for the aftermarket seems to be in preparation, apparently based on the European MVBER and EUR 5/6 regulations

Legal Affairs

CAMDS, terms of use (cf. Technical Regulations)
Chinese competition laws relating to the Aftermarket
RMI: Chinese agencies have issued opinions on “improvement in the auto repairing industry”, as of 1 Jan 2015
Legal Affairs Office of the State Council (LAO): legislative proposal on equal access to repair maintenance information
Supply contract clauses – legal assessment for EU/US/China

Technical Regulations

Safety, including the Chinese NCAP
Polluting emissions
Greenhouse gases
– Periodical technical inspection
Recycling / End of Life
Energy saving / Eco design
Chinese CAMDS (cf. Legal Affairs): Provide input to revise CAMDS/IMDS recommendations
– August 2014: Supplier Alliance (CLEPA, JAPIA, US suppliers of AIAG) have started dialogue with Chinese OEMs and CATARC on:

Legislation on materials/substances
Materials reporting along the automotive supply chain