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SDCM – 15th Congress Automotive Industry and Market

SDCM – 15th Congress Automotive Industry and Market

2020/11/17 - 2020/11/18

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2020/11/17 - 2020/11/18

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SDCM, the Association of Automotive Parts Distributors and Producers, annually organises the Congress of Automotive Industry and Market. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this time the Congress will be held online under the Honorary Patronage of Poland’s Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Climate. Several automotive associations are also participating in the Congress, including CLEPA.

CLEPA will take part in one session on the 18th of November. Providing the European perspective, Secretary General Sigrid de Vries will be presenting on how the coronavirus has impacted on the automotive industry, as well as how key regulations are affecting the sector.

As well as sessions dedicated to the impact of Covid-19 and how the sector is coping with the situation, there will also be some focused on e-commerce and Industry 4.0.


Most of the content will be in Polish, so we invite you to pass the information about the SDCM Congress to your friends and colleagues from Polish branches of your company. In order to register please contact:

More information available here.