International Automotive Engineering Conference – IAEC

The International Automotive Engineering Conference – IAEC, is organized by CLEPA member TAYSAD and OİB (Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association), OSD (Automotive Manufacturers Association), OTEP (Automotive Technology Platform), in cooperation with SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers).

Automotive Industry, as one of Turkey’s leading industries with remarkable impact on the economy, is targeting to

  • Develop engineering, R&D and innovation capability
  • Foster cooperation between universities and the industry,
  • Encourage the utilization of alternative resources through engineering companies at national and international level, to increase product development and innovation capability.

The educational and developmental output that run parallel to the aforementioned needs are necessary for both research and engineering teams. Based on this purpose and necessity, IAEC is planning to guide R&D and engineering output in the industry, perception management, and information-sharing.

The conference aims at reviewing the latest developments in automotive industry with respect to automotive engineering and leading international experts will present latest thinking in the field of

The Present and Future of Automotive Electronics and Software”.

The conference will address the issues of “Considerations on Future of Automotive Electronics & Software”, “Automotive Software Security & Blockchain”, “Regulations and Testing for Intelligent Vehicles”, “Adaptive Platform for Intelligent Vehicles”, “Impact of Emerging Technologies on Automotive Ecosystem”, “5G and Future for Automotive Connectivity”, “Future of Electronics on Vehicles”, “Artificial Intelligent on Vehicles”, “Technology & Ethic”, “Intrapreneurship Strategies in Automotive”, “Innovative Start-ups on New Technology Development in Automotive Sector”. This event will also include “1st Automotive MSC and Doctorate Thesis Awards” ceremony.

SAE International supports the conference with its international expert speakers on selected topics.

The IAEC will be held on 1-2 November 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey.

See the Conference brochure for more information.

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