Handelsblatt: Automotive Summit 2016 – Re-thinking mobility


From November 8 until November 11, Handelsblatt will be hosting their 23rd Automotive Summit in Munich, Germany. Among the speakers will be CLEPA President Roberto Vavassori, who will be discussing “The future of breaking and autonomous driving”.

Event introduction

It is no exaggeration to say that the German automotive industry and its suppliers are the backbone of the German economy. The number and quality of jobs, the level and sustainability of profits and, not least, the innovative processes taking place in this area are invaluable for our country. Germany is envied for its automotive industry the world over. This diverse automotive engineering grown right in the heart of Europe means to us what Silicon Valley means to the US.

The future is not an extension of the past, however. Today, our automotive industry is probably coming up against the biggest challenges in its 130-year history. Tesla, Google, Uber and other aggressive innovators from Silicon Valley are shaking up established business models and technology concepts, and are even questioning our mobility behaviour as a whole. The conventional automotive industry is facing challenges. The electric car is on its way, and so too is the driverless car. However, the new technology is also changing the processes used in sales and production.

At the 23rd Handelsblatt Automotive Summit, which is being held this year at BMW Welt in Munich this year, we want to see and understand how far BMW and Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche, as well as their suppliers, have already progressed in this process of transformation. The vehicle and parts manufacturers from America and Asia, such as General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Magna and Yanfeng, are also discussed in detail. Discussion panels with the top experts from this global industry are scheduled. Workshops are to be held, and those interested are warmly invited to take a test drive.

The three core questions are: Who is leading? Who is driving? Who is following?
The Handelsblatt Automotive Summit will provide the answers.

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Programme and topics

This year’s event will focus on the following key topics for the automotive industry: The future of mobility, technological transition, decarbonisation and automated driving.

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