FT Future of the Car 2022

FT Future of the Car 2022

2022/05/12 - 2022/05/12

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2022/05/12 - 2022/05/12

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FT Future of the car 2022 – Optimising Returns in an Evolving Market While Keeping 1.5°C Alive

The Financial Times Future of the Car summit is where visionary OEMs, industry shakers and challenger brands come together to scrutinise the technology, consumer and business model trends forever changing the way cars are made and sold.

Now in its 8th year, one of the most highly anticipated gatherings of carmakers and their technology partners in the global automotive events calendar returns in person in The Brewery London and virtually, from 9 to 12 May. CLEPA’s Secretary General Sigrid de Vries will participate in the expert panel “The Big Picture: How quickly are we moving to EVs, and what does this mean for the EV battery ecosystem?“,  on 12 May from 10.30 to 11.10 a.m.

The battery is at the heart of the worldwide shift to electric vehicles, a revolution that many of the world’s carmakers are fully signed-up to. Others, however, think it prudent to keep options open, for now at least. Questions remain over how quickly the shift is, or should be, happening, with some markets (e.g. Europe) transitioning faster than lower income economies, where perhaps regulation isn’t as focussed or the charging infrastructure developed enough. There are questions too over just how truly sustainable battery-powered vehicles really are, if you take supply chain emissions into account. This panel will tackle questions over the pace and sustainability of the transition, what this means for the emerging EV battery ecosystem, and for carmakers and their technology partners as they try to plan ahead.

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