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Enabling climate neutral transport through low-carbon liquid fuels

Enabling climate neutral transport through low-carbon liquid fuels

2021/05/31 - 2021/06/14

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2021/05/31 - 2021/06/14

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 A webinar series on “Understanding the role of low-carbon liquid fuels in enabling climate-neutral transport”, will take place between 31 May and 14 June 2021.

The ambition of the European Union is to be climate neutral by 2050. The European refining industry supports the same ambition. Our industry is transforming, and we have developed a comprehensive pathway of how, together with our partners, we can contribute to meeting the 2050 climate neutrality objective.

In the transport sector, low-carbon liquid fuels, also called ReFuels, will play a critical role in the energy transition and in achieving carbon neutrality in all transport modes. Therefore, alongside electrification and hydrogen technologies, low-carbon liquid fuels will remain essential beyond 2050, bringing important benefits to the European economy and society.

To better illustrate these benefits, FuelsEurope, in cooperation with external partners, will propose a series of webinars enabling deep dives in key aspects such as sustainability, availability, efficiency, affordability, technology and policy.

Each session will propose a 75 to 90 minutes deep dive into the topic with experts and key stakeholders. Following the introductions and presentations by three experts, industry or sector representative, the moderator will open the floor to the audience for a compelling Q&A session to answer all your questions.

CLEPA will be co-hosting the 7 June “Win-win situation for jobs” session from 10:00 to 11:05 (CET).

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For further information, contact FuelsEurope’s Victoire Demarans.