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Dritev Congress

Dritev Congress

2021/10/13 - 2021/10/14

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2021/10/13 - 2021/10/14

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Bonn, Germany

At the 7th International Conference “Drivetrain Solutions for Commercial Vehicles” on 13 and 14 October 2021 major players in the commercial vehicle sector will give an insight into the latest developments of powertrain solutions that solely run on battery power as well as concepts based on hybrid and conventional solutions.

In light of CO2 regulations getting more and more stringent, commercial vehicle manufacturers are faced with the development of alternatives to replace the conventional powertrain. Although a battery-powered solution is particularly attractive for city traffic, it does not seem to be doable for heavy commercial traffic due to capacity and weight-saving reasons – at least in the medium term. Therefore hybrid concepts and synthetic fuels are of crucial interest.

On Wednesday 13 October at 9.10 am CEST, after the official opening of the congress, the president of CLEPA Thorsten Muschal will give a plenary speech entitled “Opportunities for automotive suppliers in the Green Deal context”.

The main topics of the speech will be:

  • The role of suppliers in the transition towards climate-neutral mobility
  • Industry transformation towards a clean and digital mobility: An inclusive transition
  • Technology neutrality as a means to strengthen the global competitiveness of our industry

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