CLEPA Materials Regulations and Sustainability Event 2023

CLEPA Materials Regulations and Sustainability Event 2023

2023/05/10 - 2023/05/11

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Beatriz Ildefonso

Event location

Filharmonie Filderstadt, Stuttgart, Germany

Following 14 successful iterations of this CLEPA flagship event, the 15th edition brings sustainability to the forefront of the agenda, reflecting on the ongoing efforts of the automotive industry to adapt to this fast-evolving and business critical topic, in Europe and abroad.

This two-day event will take place in Filharmonie Filderstadt, Stuttgart, gathering high-level representatives from the entire automotive ecosystem, providing a platform for experts and other key stakeholders to discuss technical issues, such as chemical restrictions, eco-design requirements as well as reporting tools.

This event also provides the perfect opportunity to get up to speed on the most recent legislative developments at the EU and international level, also reflecting on the past year’s development and with an eye towards milestones to come.

Mark your calendar! Further information on registration and programme will follow soon!

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