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AASA 2020 Mobility Innovation Conference

AASA 2020 Mobility Innovation Conference

2020/10/20 - 2020/10/22 Online

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2020/10/20 - 2020/10/22

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Stronger Connections to Tomorrow’s Vehicle Technologies and New Business Partners

The Mobility Innovation Conference is going virtual this year, but the insights and networking will be just as powerful as ever.

Join AASA for a series of critical sessions and thoughtful conversations on everything from telematics to predictive analysis, mobile apps to dongles, sensors to parts, plus vehicle data and ADAS.

Frank Schlehuber, Senior Consultant Market affairs at CLEPA, will be presenting Europe’s strategy in Securing the “Right to Connect” on the 21st October. CLEPA will discuss what safeguards and administrative frameworks are required to ensure stakeholders and data receivers are vetted to access and manage vehicle data.

This Year’s Key Topics Include:

  • EPMs (Experiences per Mile) to Replace RPMs as Gauge of Vehicle Performance
  • ADAS Safety Systems: New Driver Engagement Technology
  • Telematics, E-Commerce, and Supply Chain
  • Cybersecurity: Building Trust in the Aftermarket
  • Sensors: Growth Opportunity for Parts and Data
  • Diagnostics in the Cloud
  • Telematics and Fleet Management
  • Changing Focus of Emerging Auto Tech Companies
  • Emerging Vehicle Technologies that Are Under the Radar
  • How COVID-19 Has Shifted or Slowed Aftermarket Vehicle Technology
  • Vehicle Data Access

Check the full agenda here.