Materials Regulations Event

CLEPA Materials Regulations Event
22 April 2015
Stuttgart, Filharmonie in Filderstadt

CLEPA Materials Regulations Event was held on 22 April 2015, in Germany in the Stuttgart area, at the FILharmonie in Filderstadt.

This event was open to all actors of the automotive supply chain included CLEPA member and not.

The latest status of the IMDS, ELV Directive, Conflict Minerals, REACH and other materials-related legislation was presented as well as industry’s works on these issues.

The workshop was an opportunity to raise any question to the representatives of OEMs and of CLEPA Expert Groups on the on-going discussions.

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iPoint introduction

IMDS Steering Committee Address

IMDS Release 10.0

GADSL Developments

GLAPS Messages from the Automotive Supply Chain

ELV Annex Market Surveillance in Europe

ELV in Asia REACH latest developments

Biocidal Product Regulation

AIAG activities

IMDS Data Use

MMDS and IMDS Change Management

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Materials Regulations and Reporting
This section is dedicated to materials issues

Past Events

CLEPA Materials Regulations Event 4 June 2014

0. Welcome and Agenda

1. IMDS SC address

2. IMDS Release 9.0

3. IMDS Data Use – First Analysis

4. Latest GADSL reports

5. Material Data Reporting evolution

6. EU ELV status Annex 2

7. ELV status in China

8. ELV status in India

9. Latest developments REACH

9.A Detox – Greenpeace Video

10. Biocidal Product Regulation

11. US Conflict Minerals

12. EU Conflict Minerals

13. HP Material Reporting

CLEPA Materials Regulations Event, 4 June 2014, Bad Homburg



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Past Meetings

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26 January 2011

5 November 2009

23 April 2009

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